Liz Martelli:
Caffeinated Creative Human

NYC Based. World Curious.

Actor. Singer. Ally.


What Lights Me Up

Favorite Roles

- Miss Dorothy, Thoroughly Modern Millie
- Cinderella, Into the Woods
- Emilia, Othello

*Click the lightbulb for a link to my performance reel!*

Dream Roles

- Dea, The Grinning Man
- Christine Daae, Phantom of the Opera
-  Phoebe D'ysquith, A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder

*Listen to my new musical theater obsession and sneak a peek at my no. 1 dream role in a trailer of The Grinning Man by tapping that lightbulb*

Go-to Coffee Order

- Hazelnut Latte with oat or soy milk
- Irish Cream Nitro 
Cold Brew
- Treat yo' self days: White Chocolate Mocha with caramel drizzle,

*Click the lightbulb for a link to my TikTok live react to Starbucks' newest latte

Go-to TV Shows

- The Great British Baking Show
- Bob's Burgers
- Letterkenny
- *BONUS SHOW: RuPaul's Drag Race

*You know the drill: Press that lightbulb. This time it links a video to the Top 10 Scandalous Moments on GBBS...all the British tea is spilt*


A fresh start


I enter the new year cautiously. Ideally, 2021 will bring a fresh start to life around the world...but for now, I am using the (seemingly never ending) time in quarantine to reconnect with my values, as well as take on a new instrument: the ukulele. Watch out for content on my Instagram!

Quarantine Queen

What year is it again?

COVID-19 can't bring me down (Wicked reference absolutely intentional)!! I have been keeping busy exploring new hobbies such as baking, veganism, and pilates. The other bits of free time is spent taking class with the Jen Waldman Studio, where I have found solace and community with other like-minded artists and creatives.

New friends, new skills

June 2020

Sherry is a cheerleader. For actors. She also happens to be a puppet, but she's just as real as you and me. Thanks to a couple puppetry classes at the Jen Waldman Studio online, I have cultivated a new found interest, skill, and friend. Videos are available on my media page! Sherry would love to meet you!


"Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world."

- Brené Brown


Let's Collaborate!

For all inquires, please contact Evelyn Francisco at The Talent Express Management:


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